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Trooper William F. McCauley

U.S. Army 1896 to 1933

Born on July 4, 1874 at Fredericksburg, Virginia, William F. McCauley had a great love for horses and the army. Disliking farm work, McCauley, at age 23, journeyed to Baltimore, Maryland and applied for enlistment into the army. He was accepted and enlisted on January 18, 1896 into the 10th Cavalry (Horse). Trooper McCauley was assigned to Troop F, then commanded by 1st Lieutenant John J. Pershing. Sergeant McCauley, Service Number R2346113, served with the 10th Cavalry from 1896 to 1919 and with the 24th Infantry Regiment from 1919 to 1933. Sergeant mcCauley saw active service during the pursuit of renegade Native Americans in Montana who were fleeing Canadian authorities. Sergeant McCauley was in combat on San Juan Hill during the Spanish American War. Sergeant McCauley, under the command of First Lieutenant John J. Pershing served on the Island of Samar during the Philippine Insurrection. In 1916, while serving with the 10th Cavalry, Troop B, Sgt McCauley accompanied his old commander, General John J. Pershing, into Mexico during the Pancho Villa Punitive Expedition. Sgt McCauley received great praise for his organization of the 304th Stevedore Band also known as the Camp Alexander Band. Sergeant McCauley achieved the title of Master Engineer during his duty with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Sergeant McCauley retired from the U.S. Army at Fort Benning Georgia in 1933 at age 59.

Sgt McCauley and Mrs. Pencie McCauley

Sgt McCauley with his children

Sgt McCauley's 1928 Honorable Discharge

Sgt McCauley's 1931 Honorable Discharge

Sgt McCauley's computed service, 1896 to 1933

Youngest Recruit and Oldest Soldier in the 24 Infantry Regiment, November 1929.

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