Buffalo Soldiers
Greater Washington DC Chapter
9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association


Chapter Events
Buffalo Soldier Heraldry
Buffalo Soldier History
Roll Call
Trooper Mark Matthews

Buffalo Soldier Heraldry

9th Cavalry Insignia

10th Cavalry Insignia

9th Cavalry Regimental Coat of Arms

10th Cavalry Regimental Coat of Arms

9th Cavalry Regimental Colors

10th Cavalry Regimental Colors

9th Cavalry, Company C, Guidon

10th Cavalry, Company A, Guidon

Buffalo Soldier Regimental Patches

9th Cavalry Insiginia Patch

10th Cavalry Insiginia Patch

24th Infantry Regimental Insignia Patch

25th Infantry Regimental Insignia Patch

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