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Trooper Mark Matthews

Buffalo Soldiers History

10th Cavalry in support of The Rough Riders at Las Guasimas, June 24, 1898
First action of Spanish American War
(Authors Kurz and Allison, date: 1900, Courtesy of The Library of Congress)

9th Cavalry

10th Cavalry

24th Infantry Regiment

25th Infantry Regiment

Wild Buffaloes

The Battle of the Saline River

Fiddler's Green

Medals of Honor

San Juan Hill


Beecher Island Rescue

The Rescue of Corporal Edward Scott

Captain Dodge's Colored Troops to the Rescue

Protectors of the West

Chronological List of Buffalo Soldier and
Negro Seminole Indian Scout Battles

Cathay Williams

Sergeant William F. McCauley

Trooper Charles E. Norris

Colonel Charles Young


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