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2011 National Memorial Day Parade

Constitution Avenue

Washington, DC

May 30, 2011

Our starting position at 7th and Jefferson Avenune, NW

Troopers Campbell, Hill, Crawford and Womack with our convoy Humvee driver Mrs. Lisa Plaisance and on the right, our ride, a former U.S. Air Force Deuce and a Half

On the left Dr. Dan Meagher, Mason and Ethan Meagher and Randy Plaisance, and on the right a U.S. Colored Troop re-enactor

On the left Buffalo Soldiers's friend Ms. Jean Davis of the Pentagon and on the right the viewing stand coming up

On the left the Plaisance Family Humvee part of our convoy and on the right Trooper Womack passing the Washington Monument

On left a visiting Korean tourists joins us for a photo and on the right the Plymouth, Indiana High School marching band

On left two active duty Armored Cavalry troopers and a visiting tourist and on
far right at the end of the line is Dr. Sean Plaisance, our Deuce and a Half driver

Yes, it was 98 degrees at parade time

On the left Trooper Hill, Mr. Eoin O'Driscoll, visiting from Dublin, Ireland, Trooper Crawford and Roxanne Mauck of Fredericksburg, Virginia

On left Cate and Randy Plaisance and on the right Dr. Dan Meagher

On the left Randy and Cate Plaisance with Command Sergeant Major Curtis D. Womack (ret)
and on the right, did we mention it was 98 degrees in the shade?

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