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2012 National Memorial Day Parade

Constitution Avenue

Washington, DC

May 28, 2012

Short video tape shot by Trooper Linda Crawford yelling in support of the Troopers
sweltering in above 90 degree heat. Trooper Womack in the passenger seat.

(left photo) Troopers Able, Moody and Floyd (right photo) Troopers Crawford, Moody and Able

(right photo) Rough Riders out of Tampa, Florida pose with Chapter Troopers, lest we forget July 1, 1898!!

(left photo) Trooper Crawford (blue shorts) filming Troopers as the Deuce and a Half rolls by
(right photo) Our driver, Joe Rice, dismounting at 23rd and Virginia. Parade is over

(right photo)Trooper Womack, a Buffalo Soldier (24th Infantry Regiment combat veteran, 1950-1951)

Trooper Womack photos courtesy of Mr. Yacouba Tanou of press@yacoubatanou.com

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