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24th Infantry Regiment

The Deuce Four

Deuce Four Bayonet Charge
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159th Field Artillery Battalion action
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Fort Benning Monument Dedication

The distinctive Regimental Coat of Arms of the 24th Infantry Regiment superbly captures the history of the Regiment.

This page honoring the 24th Infantry Regiment is dedicated to Trooper Cornelius H. Charlton,
Medal of Honor Recipient for action in combat as a Sergeant, Company C, 24th Infantry Regiment,
25th Infantry Division near Chipo-ri, Korea on June 2, 1951.

Six days after arriving in Korea, soldiers of Company G 24th Infantry Regiment, board 2 1/2 ton trucks and prepare to move out to the front lines on July 18, 1950.
(photo courtesy of www.us.army.mil)

24th Infantry at Bouganville, 1944
(photo courtesy of www.us.army.mil)

Picture of Japanese Sword surrendered to the Commander of the 24th Infantry, Regiment
August 22, 1945

(photo courtesy of Trooper Darrel Nash, Deuce Four Historian)

(photo courtesy of Trooper Darrel Nash, Deuce Four Historian)

(photo courtesy of Trooper Darrel Nash, Deuce Four Historian)

(photo courtesy of Trooper Darrel Nash, Deuce Four Historian)

(photo courtesy of Trooper Darrel Nash, Deuce Four Historian)

Japanese Army Surrendered to the Deuce Four
at Kume Shima

(photos and the below narrative courtesy of Mr. Stanley Hill, Jr.)

In 1943 Lt Stanley Hill arrived at the New Hebrides and was assigned to the 24th Infantry Regiment,
First Battalion. The 2nd and 3rd Battalions were at Bouganville. Lt Hill joined the First Battalion at
Efate, New Caledonia and in May, 1943 they joined the 2nd and 3rd Battalions. Lt Hill was the
First Battalion Communications Officer, he ended up as Company Commander for Company A. He served
at Bouganville, the Russell Islands, Saipan, Tinian and Kume Shima. Lt Hill stated he did not know
he was being assigned to a black unit until he arrived. Lt Hill was informed that his battalion had
been the original school troops from Fort Benning. Lt Hill described the Deuce Four as very well
trained and very disciplined. He stated the officers were white, even down to the 2nd Lieutenant
Squad Leaders. The only black officers were doctors and chaplains. It was Lt Hill's opinion that the
NCOs of the First Battalion "were as well trained as any noncommissioned officers in any outfit in the
South Pacific" Lt Hill recalled combat in the Macavia Sector on Bouganville and sadly recalled the
loss of Lt Newman. Lt Hill recalled being grazed by a Japanese bullet while laying communication wire
for the W-110 wire but never thought to ask for a Purple Heart because it was too minor. At Kume Shima
during the surrender of the Japanese, Lt Hill confiscated a Japanese 7mm rifle. In early 1945 Lt Hill
returned to the U.S., at Camp Field, California where he received his overseas medals to include the
Combat Infantryman's Badge.

Lieutenant Stanley Hill, 24th Infantry Regiment, First Battalion and his wife Velma

(right photo) Deuce Four commander receives Japanese Commander's Sword

Chaplain Allen Allensworth, 24th Infantry Regiment
in the 1890's

Insignia Patch of the 24th Infantry Regiment

24th Infantry Insignia

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