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Army Heritage Education Center

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950 Soldiers Drive

Carlisle, Pennsylvania

May 20-22, 2011

Map with locations of re-enactment groups noted

Troopers Womack, Crawford and Campbell on station
(Trooper Campbell outfitted as a Negro Seminole Indian Scout)

The Troopers are exhausted but the tent has been raised

Pennsylvania State Senator Patricia H. Vance and Jack Giblin, Event Coordinator and USAHEC Director,
Visitor and Education Services and on right Mr. Bryan P. Atherton of the JLG Corporation

USAHEC Director Lieutenant Colonel Mark Viney, a former Armored Cavalry Officer with Troopers Crawford and Campbell

USAHEC Administrative AssistantTommy Shird with Troopers Womack, Crawford and Campbell

On left World War I Salvation Army nurses Kara Bertoles and Danielle Butler and on right Trooper Womack being served freshly made donuts

On left Major Jonathan Letterman, Union Surgeon and a Union Army General and on the right Trooper Crawford with three U.S. Colored Troops Infantrymen

On left an SFC Grant of the USAHEC and on right two Union Army soldiers

On left two World War I doughboys flank three World War II MPs and on right a young admirer of the Buffalo Soldiers

On left a Delaware Indian from the French and Indian Wars

On right the Toner Family from Dillsburg, Pennsylvania

On left Trooper Crawford with Lisa Lambert of Knightingales Rest Crafts and her
Civil War department store and on right Trooper Campbell with three Union Army Generals

On left re-enactor David Wayne Shuey as Colonel John S. Mosby of Mosby's Raiders, Confederate Army
and on right retired Army Colonel Carter Bertone as an officer of the French Army, WWI.

On right the Smahi Family

On left Union Army troops drilling and on right Confederate Army troops drilling

On left retired U.S. Army SFC Jim Friday as Heinrich Schläger,
Gren. Regt. 31 and on right Lieutenant Colonel Horace Porter. He
reached the rank of Brigadier General and later became Ambassador to France

On left, young Vermont National Guard soldier who returned just days before from Afghanistan

On left General James B. McPherson. He was killed at the Battle of Atlanta, the second highest ranking Union officer killed
during the war and the only commander of a Union army to die in the field and on right 1st Virginia Cavalry, Confederate Army

On left, World War I trench, French Officer of the 157th (Red Hand) Division and
an American Sergeant and on the right a World War II soldier of the 101st Airborne Division

On right, 1Lt King, Vietnam Aide Station Nurse

On left the 7th Cavalry clothing a bit much for a young trooper and on right Trooper Crawford left in charge of the 7th Cavalry hooch by Captain Foreso

On left Mr. Steve Braun, Columbia, Maryland school teacher with family

On right a soldier of the World War I French Army standing in front of a World War II Tank Destroyer with a 76 mm gun

On left, Trooper Womack "talking the talk" with two active duty 82nd Airborne Sergeants

On right, all that remains of the Old Glory carried by Sergeant William Harvey Carney during the July 18, 1863, assault
on Fort Wagner in Charleston, South Carolina by the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, on display at the USAHEC.
Sergeant Carney was the first African American whose valor merited the award of the Medal of Honor

We are having way too much fun

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