Washington DC Chapter, 9th & 10th (Horse) Cavalry Assn.

Buffalo Soldiers
Greater Washington DC Chapter
9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association



Chapter Events
Buffalo Soldier Heraldry
Buffalo Soldier History
Roll Call
Trooper Mark Matthews

Fort Davis, Texas

A Typical Daily Schedule In Garrison

5:15 Assembly of Trumpeters
5:30 Reveille
6:00 Stable & Watering Call
7:00 Mess Call
8:00 Assembly, Roll Call
8:10 Sick Call
8:20 Assembly of Guard Details
8:30 Fatigue Call
9:00 Drill Call (dismounted)
11:30 Recall - End of Morning Drill
11:45 1st Sergeants Call
12:00 Mess Call
1:00 Drill Call (mounted)
4:00 Recall - End of Evening Drill
4:30 Stable Call
5:00 Mess Call
6:00 Assembly for Evening Parade
5 mins prior to sunset: Assembly of Trumpeters
Sunset Retreat, Evening Gun, Roll Call, To The Colors
8:55 Assembly of Trumpeters
9:00 Tattoo and Final Roll Call
9:30 Extinguish Lights

Bugle Calls

Adjutant's Call


Call to Arms

Officers Call




War Dances

Cheyenne War Dance

Kiowa War Dance

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