Buffalo Soldiers
Greater Washington DC Chapter
9th and 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association

Negro Seminole Indian Scouts

The Greater Washington, DC Chapter, the Buffalo Soldiers Motor Cycle Club,
the U.S. Army and St Elizabeth's Hospital
will be honoring the Black Seminole Indian Scouts on
Friday, October 9, 2009
at the St Elizabeth's Hospital Chapel at 11 am
2700 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue
Washington, DC 20032



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Negro Seminole Indian Scouts

Negro Seminole Indian Scouts Flag

Learn more about these brave, dedicated and experts in unconventional warfare members of the U.S. Army by clicking here-Negro Seminole Indian Scouts.

Trooper Zedore Campbell, longtime member of the Greater Washington DC Chapter of the 9th & 10th (Horse) cavalry Association is also an honorary member of the Negro Seminole Indian Tribe. The friendship enjoyed by Trooper Campbell and Negro Seminole Native American William "Dub" Warrior, continues the link of between the Buffalo Soldiers and the Negro Seminoles.

Dub Warrior is the great great nephew of Negro Seminole Indian Scout and Medal of Honor Recipient, Sergeant John Ward. John Ward's original name was John Warrior and William "Dub" Warrior's Great Great Grandfather, also named William Warrior, was John Ward's brother.

Saint Elizabeths Hospital video of Dub Warrior's remarks and Wreath laying at the Saint Elizabeths Hospital Headstone Dedication Ceremony honoring Corporal William Shields.

U.S. Army Freedom Teams video of the Corporal William Shields ceremony at Saint Elizabeths Hospital.

William "Dub" Warrior at the Negro Seminole Cemetery at Brackettville, Texas. Photo by Katarina Wittich-Los Angeles, California. Veronica Warrior, Izola Warrior and William "Dub" Warrior-Photo by Bennie J. McRae, Jr.

Two of Sergeant Ward's fellow Negro Seminole Indian Scouts wearing army blue uniforms. Pictured are Negro Seminole Indian Scouts Ben July on the left and William Shields on the right.

Sgt Ben July and his family at Fort Clark, Texas

Grave of Negro Seminole Indian Scout, and Medal of Honor Recipient, Pompey Factor

Private John Jefferson, Negro Seminole Indian Scout, and Grandson of former Negro Seminole Chief John Horse.

Private John Jefferson's Honorable Discharge

Lt. John Lapham Bullis, led the Negro Seminole Scouts from 1873 to 1872. He was known as "Whirlwind" to his men.

Dale Gallon's limited edition print, Saving the Lieutenant's Hair, captures the valor of three Negro Seminole Indian Scouts who risked their lives to rescue Lieutenant Bullis.

Lieutenant Bullis' letter citing Sergeant John Ward, Trumpeter Isaac Payne and Private Pompey Factor for valor.

Trooper Zedore Campbell
in Negro Seminole Indian Scout attire

Dub and Ethel Warrior

Dub Warrior in western attire

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