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Once a Buffalo

A Poem

By First Sergeant William R. Taylor, U.S. Army (retired)


I was once a buffalo
Roaming the southwest plains
I fought with pride and honor
For a nation that kept me in chains
Victorio and Geronimo knew me
My brothers and I laid them low
The tenacious fighting spirit
Of a regiment of buffalo

And on a distant Spanish isle
I rallied to the bugle's call
On the San Juan Heights of Cuba
I watched my brothers fall
With Teddy's boys we won that day
We fought and bled the same
Yet while the nation sings their praise
Few remember the buffalo names

Through World War II and Viet Nam
The mighty Tenth did ride
Ready and forward in the saddle
Behind guidons stained with pride
Now on the sun-baked plains of Babylon
A tyrant feels the saber's slashing blow
His evil empire crumbles fast
Under the feet of buffalo

I was once a buffalo
I will someday tell my sons
With a dusty Stetson, shiny spurs,
A steel horse and loaded guns
My guidon snapping in the wind
With crossed sabers on my shoulder
Forever I am a Cavalryman
But I once was a Buffalo Soldier

For the Soldiers and Officers of G Troop, 10th Cavalry,
1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division
Operation Iraqi Freedom, April 03-April 04, 2003

First Sergeant William R. Taylor was the First Sergeant of G troop during the first few months of the Iraq war. G troop has the distinction of being the Cavalry unit that captured Saddam Hussein. First Sergeant Taylor wrote this poem for them as a proud Buffalo Soldier.

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