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Pentagon Presentation

J4 Directorate, Joint Staff

Arlington, Virginia

April 12, 2011

Greater Washington, DC Chapter Presentation Team Troopers were warmly
welcomed by the J4 Directorate, Joint Staff at the Pentagon. Brigadier
General William M. Faulkner, U.S. Marine Corps, made the 4 Army veterans
feel right at home. A Buffalo Soldier salute to Lt Colonel Brian Coleman
who made the daunting task of entering the Pentagon go smoothly.

Brigadier General William M. Faulkner, U.S. Marine Corps, Vice Director, J-4, Joint Staff,
with Troopers Crawford, Womack, Moody and Campbell.

Mr. Ferald Clary and U.S. Army Officers Colonel Michael Sage
and Lt Colonel Brian Coleman with Chapter Troopers

Trooper Campbell sharing his knowledge of the Negro Seminole Indian Scouts

Mr. Ferald Clary, U.S. Army Officers Major Woodrow Nash, Lt Colonel Evelyn Smith-Florence, and U.S. Air Force
Officers Lt Colonel Juliana Walker, Major Michelin Joplin and Army Lt Colonel Jonathan Watson with Chapter Troopers.

The Command Sergeant Major
is caught off guard!

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