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Captain Thomas Lebo, K Troop
10th U.S. Cavalry (Horse)
The Mescalero Apaches and
The Pinery

In 2005 Trooper Crawford had the privilege of meeting Dr. Eleanor M. King,
Howard University Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, in connection
with Project Warrior. Dr. King was involved in archaeological digs in the Guadalupe Mountains
east of El Paso, Texas. Trooper Crawford renewed his colloboration with Dr. King at
Howard University in November, 2010, as she lectured on her team's findings. A
brief report on the findings of the Howard University Research Team is contained herein.



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Dr. Maceo Dailey (UTEP) and Dr. Eleanor M. King (Howard University)
at the Project Warrior Conference, April, 2005, at UTEP.

Click here for a brief National Park Service report on the Howard University research.

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