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An eager reporter and illustrator named Frederic Remington traveled to Fort Grant, Arizona to soldier with the "Tenth Dragoons." He chronicled the exploits of the 10th Cavalry in the Century Magazine article "A Scout With The Buffalo Soldiers." Remington later wrote "Vagabonding with the Tenth Horse" which was published in Cosmopolitan in 1897.

"They may be tired and they may be hungry, but they do not see fit to augment their misery by finding fault with everybody and everything. In this respect they are charming men with whom to serve...As to their bravery, I am often asked 'Will they fight?' That is easily answered. They have fought many, many times." - Frederic Remington

All images are from "A Scout With The Buffalo Soldiers", Century Magazine, April 1889
Courtesy of the Frederic Remington Art Museum

True West Magazine

A Tumble From The Trail

A Halt To Tighten The Packs

A Campfire Sketch

The Sign Language

Marching On The Mountains

A Study Of Action

Marching In The Desert

A Pull At The Canteen

A Pool In The Desert

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