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Thurgood Marshall Center

1816 12th Street NW

Washington, DC

April 26, 2018

Troopers pose with Thurgood Marshall Center President Ms. Thomasina Yearwood
Ms. Yearwood wearing the white skirt

Trooper Crawford being welcomed to the Thurgood Marshall Center by Mr. Larry Newell

Click on the play button to view brief a overview of Buffalo Soldier history.

(left photo) Troopers Crawford, Lancaster, Hunter, Hutton and Theard

(left photo) Trooper Lancaster lecturing on the various hats worn by the U.S. Cavalry.
Trooper Crawford wearing a "kepi hat", Troopers Lancaster and Hunter wearing
"slouch" hats. Trooper Lancaster holding a pre-World War I campaign style hat.

(left photo) Trooper Crawford wearing beaver mittens (right photo) Chapter President Trooper Mike Theard
and Mr. Larry Newell with Thurgood Marshall Center President Ms. Thomasina Yearwood

(left photo) Trooper Crawford rendering bugle calls (right photo) Trooper Theard lecturing on the history of our Chapter

Discussion re the Buffalo Soldiers ride down Pennsylvania Avenue on Mary 15, 2015 as U.S. Colored Troops
re-enacting the Grand Review of 1865 in which U.S. Colored Troops were not permitted to participate.

Trooper Hunter, Chapter Quartermaster, lecturing on U.S. Cavalry Equipment of the late 19th Century

Troopers Lancaster discussing his Great Uncle and Trooper Hutton
discussing his father, as both were actual Buffalo Soldiers.

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